Externally Funded Grants (total $500,342)

  • RUI: Quartet-Based Approaches to Phylogenomics. National Science Foundation $180,000.
  •  (j/w K. Abernathy and Z. Abernathy) Winthrop University Research Experience for Undergraduates: Bridging Applied and Theoretical Mathematics. National Science Foundation $256,493.
  • (j/w T. Kull) Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences: Mathematical Phylogeny Conference}. National Science Foundation $34,999.
  • (j/w Z. Abernathy) Network Based Models of Cancer Growth. Mathematical Association of America’s National Research Experience for Undergraduates Program \$27,500.
  • (j/w K. Abernathy and Z. Abernathy)  Research Experience in Mathematics. Duke Energy Foundation $1,350.