The best part of my job is working with students on research projects.  In the coming weeks I plan on developing this page to highlight some of their amazing accomplishments. Thanks to all of you! For now I simply list a few of their placements and accomplishments:

  • Published twelve articles in peer reviewed journals (five more currently under review or in preparation):
  • Presented their research in places like: Barcelona, Boston, Seattle, San Antonio, Charleston
  • Worked at places like: Google, Disney, Teach for America…
  • Gone to graduate school at places like: Colorado State, Utah, Berkeley, U. of Chicago, N.C. State, Emory, Virginia Tech, TU Kaiserslautern
  • Pursued graduate degrees in fields like: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics Education, Medicine, Linguistics, Divinity, Biology,
  • Graduated with undergraduate degrees in fields like: Dance, Music, Philosohpy…
  • Won awards like: Oustanding Presentation at a conference, Teacher of the Year, Knowles-Science Teaching Fellowship, NSF-Graduate Research Fellowships

It is impossible to point to a professional accomplishment I have had, that wasn’t the direct result of an amazing collaboration with a student.  THANKS!